Official Cast Party for “Come Undone”, the experimental belly dance theatrical production of our beloved KANDAKE DANCE…



“Who dances through your mind when you hear the words “belly dance?” Is it a majestic, glittering goddess, a mischievous gypsy, a veiled seductress? What about an alcoholic, single mother? A modern-day minstrel? An undead, lesbian banker?

COME UNDONE confronts modern women’s issues with an exaggerated, absurdist, even supernatural slant using a myriad of artistic disciplines such as martial arts, video projection, body painting, LED light work and more. ”

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RAPHLEX & MISHTO have you chalga sex bombs, bhangra beats, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, and cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion all night long…

$5 rakia Shots all night!
Hookah, full Bulgarian food menu!

Burdel Dali T-shirts making a comeback this summer…

Bon Bon Killa rocks her Burdel Dali tank top—she’ll also be making a guest DJ appearance at Burdel Dali this Thursday night, at our third moustacho party (means come with a moustacho or Mishka’s gonna paint one on ya). OPA!

amelia bon bon killa burdel dali presents mehanata

amelia bon bon killa burdel dali presents mehanata

More info on this week’s party below…

burdel dali moustacho party mehanata nyc

MOUSTACHO NIGHT HAS RETURNED! ♪ ♫ Bust out your painted-on, tattooed, paper, plastic, or authentic moustacho’s for a night of groomed, classy-looking debauchery at BURDEL DALI!


Mishka will be roaming the dance floor painting any/all who dare show up un-adorned, so be prepared!


RAPHLEX & BON BON KILLA have your chalga, bhangra, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion!

$5 rakia Shots all night!
Hookah, full Bulgarian food menu!

Live music by Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Gypsy Music precedes our festive chaotic dance party from 10PM – 12AM.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫



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…Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.

Burdel Dali teams up tonight with AlieNation in “DO YOU WANT TO GET ABDUCTED?”

Day? Tonight SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011

The official landing of The AlieNatioN dance single “GET ABDUCTED!”

Where? where else? Aliens would only land here….MEHANATA 113 Ludlow St.(near Delancey) Lower East Side NYC
http://www.Mehanata.com facebook.com/mehanata

Spaceship opens at 9pm
Free admission from 9pm-11pm
$10 after 11pm

Live Alien Abduction at 12 midnite

AlieNatioN & WetCircuit providing visual stimulation & probing all night long
Special performance by Mini-Michael Jackson and other-worldly visitors
DJ Mishto & Raphlex of [Burdel Dali Presents] spinning Space Gypsy Electro-Balkan Anthems

@ MEHANATA the Utimate Drunken-Balkan Disco Divebar goes Intergalactic!!
Drink, Smoke Hookah, Eat & Dance your tentacles off!
Imagine the STAR WARS Cantina…..gone wild!!

Balkan Hotsteppers one hot step ahead

We [@ Burdel Dali] always pay close attention to what surrounds us in a daily basis and what is going on in our young always changing musical universe.
The Balkan Hotsteppers represent what every dj desires… knowledge, skill and a tireless obsession for making things smooth and more festive than they already are.

from their profile:
Formed back in 2006 by Belgian DJ’s Sam Rabam and Typsy Gypsy, the infamous Balkan Hotsteppers released trendsetting mixtapes on the internet. Combining modern beats with classical Balkan, gypsy and klezmer melodies and mashing it up with hip-hop, they soon became a standard in the evergrowing European BalkanBeats scene.

Four years later they have played all over Europe: Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal. Their unique blend will take you on a eclectic trip to the balkans and beyond. Balkan Mashups, Klezmer Beats, Gypsy Punk, Russian Ska, Romano Hip Hop, Yugoslavian Brass Bangers,…!

We at Burdel Dali salute you Balkan Hotsteppers! You have a house and a podium in New York city.


Jewish klezmer vs Gypsy music

There are similarities between klezmer and Roma (Gypsy) music, and fusions of the two have become very popular in recent years. There are several reasons why Jewish klezmer and Gypsy music share common elements and blend together well.

Like the Jews, the Gypsy people are an ancient ethnicity that did not originate in Europe; they are believed to be people of the Indian subcontinent who have migrated through the Near East into Europe. Also like the Jews, the Gypsy people were a separate minority group generally living on the margins of the societies of the countries in which they lived.
Both groups maintained distinct cultural identities despite being widely scattered, possessed no country or homeland of their own, and were frequent targets of expulsions, discrimination, and persecution. Like klezmer, Gypsy music is likely traditional religious Roma songs combined with the music of host countries, and influenced by Gypsy status as a wandering and often marginalized minority. Despite of all this, the music of both groups is often joyful and exemplifies the energy and fire of life and of living.
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The following is a beautifull example from the movie Train de la Vie

— Raphlex

Mishka styling fashion photoshoot

Thats right! Our beloved Tchaikovsky Darling was hands down working in a fashion photo shoot which she herself styled at her own taste…. The result was a Bohemian Nomad Princess captured in different attires and looks and will be published next month….. here: a backstage sneak peek.

Also, you can check Mishka’s styling work here

Top 20 at your Burdel this 2010

Another year has passed by and with it our memories and favorites songs that made you instantly get on the dance floor.
2010 was a huge year in music and we are bringing you the top 20 songs (and some videos) of the year according to burdeldali.com

Zona za Lubov – Violeta

We not speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP

Asta Seara e Petrecere – Nicolae Guta & Costi Ionita

Loca Chico – Trujillo

Arrinconamela – Gritos de Guerra

Pala Tute – Gogol Bordello

Thessaloniki (Uproot Andi remix) – Acquaragia Drom

Turk Disko – Balagan

La Carencia – Panteon Rococo

Britchka – Gypsy Talisman

Suntem Made In Romania – Ionut Cercel

I saw you dancing – Potav and Nastya

Digital Monkey – Balkan Beat Box

Govinda – Windadaya

Zvezda Rok-n-Rolla – Leningrad

Chupchik – goran bregovic

romanian trip


La Incorfortable

Hold the line (Frikstailers remix) Major Lazer

Alone with Emir Kusturica

Emir talks about his new movie:Pancho Villa featuring Johnny Deep, his relationship with Latin America, about Maradona and other interesting icons he’d like to film… shares with us his meeting with the Russian president Dmitri Medvéd among many many other things
Great Interview…

Getting ready for the Rubin Museum :Dalaras Bregovic Zorbas Red Army Choir

We have been gathering old classic Russian music and great amazing Greek songs, among our always beloved ex yugo anthems for this friday at the Rubin Museum.

Come join us at the K2 lounge from 6 to 10 pm for the opening party of the Icon Conference–”Embodying the Holy: Icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism”.

Here some songs we will be spinning : from Giorgos Dalaras, Lazopoulos and Giannis Parios to russian Старые песни о главном часть and Goran Bregovic. see you there.