If you aint got that swing…! (#$%*@)

[Burdel Dali Presents] BudZillus Swing Party!

This week in the sparkling burdel of what-not, BudZillus bring their swing-tinged gypsy-fied grass roots sound all the way from Germany to our main stage. They offer broken bottles, broken strings, and broken dreams to anyone willing to dance themselves stupid.


At 11:30PM your resident ringmasters Raphlex and DJ Mishto will take over the room with immigrant anthems to squeeze the last drop of lament from your heart as you drain the last drop of rakia…!

♪ Chalga
♪ Hungarian lullabies
♪ Punjabi bhangra
♪ Russian festive
♪ Ex-Yugoslavian war anthems
♪ Klezmer wedding marches
♪ …God only knows what else!!

Meanwhile, downstairs in the ICE CAGE… live music from 9PM – 11:30PM includes Evgenia Gavrilets and Razor Wave. $10 cover.


★ FREE ADMISSION on our list all night.
RSVP to burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com




Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.
Hosted by Michelle Christina of Tchaikovsky Darling.

God Bless the French

Les Touffes Krétiennes! Self proclaimed “happily crazy and impertinently groovy” brass band from France took up half the room when they took the stage last weekend. They gave us CDs, hats, and after-hours life advice. But mostly it was their live set that blew us away. Visit them online.

Photos by Tchaikovsky Darling.

Gypsy Punk Dance Party & Recent Live Music…

Thursday night, get ready…

[Burdel Dali Presents] Gypsy Punk Dance Party!

A dance party worth getting passionate about… Come shake it like Polaroid evidence of unspeakable scandal for Russian festive anthems, Yugoslavian classics, funeral marches, and the crazed music of your favorite burdel ringleaders. We’re toasting to DJ Mishto’s 10 years in the states, so be sure to catch him hovering near the bar and make him buy YOU a shot of rakia. Opa!!

Dance tunes and world anthems by the infamous Raphlex & Mishto, hosted by Michelle Christina of Tchaikovsky Darling. Live performance by Avram Pengas before we get crazy.

FREE ADMISSION on our list – $10 otherwise.
RSVP to burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com




And some photos from the amazing bands we’ve had entertaining us at Mehanata recently… starting with BAD BUKA – they’ll be gracing the stage again March 6th.

Next, Where’s Ilva?, who we met through our friend (wouldn’t you know it) Ilva. We swear the vocalist has a face – and a dashing one at that. But the ice cage lighting didn’t do our photos any favors.