KANDAKE Dance Theater For Social Change & Their Badass New Video

KANDAKE Dance Theater for Social Change is celebrating their 1st year as a troupe, and they’ve released this incredibly badass teaser video of their experimental belly dance performance piece(s), “Come Undone”. We’ve seen it first-hand, and it’s an intense thing to behold. Check it out for yourself:

Check their website for upcoming performances.



Official Cast Party for “Come Undone”, the experimental belly dance theatrical production of our beloved KANDAKE DANCE…



“Who dances through your mind when you hear the words “belly dance?” Is it a majestic, glittering goddess, a mischievous gypsy, a veiled seductress? What about an alcoholic, single mother? A modern-day minstrel? An undead, lesbian banker?

COME UNDONE confronts modern women’s issues with an exaggerated, absurdist, even supernatural slant using a myriad of artistic disciplines such as martial arts, video projection, body painting, LED light work and more. ”

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RAPHLEX & MISHTO have you chalga sex bombs, bhangra beats, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, and cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion all night long…

$5 rakia Shots all night!
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The Kandake Tribal & Experimental Belly Dance Tribe New Website

We just want to put the word out—the Kandake, great friends of ours and gorgeous performers who we’ve shared many a festive dance floor with in the past, have their new website up and listings of upcoming shows. We can’t wait to work with them again!



The Kandake is a new dance-theatre collective that combines social activism and philanthropy with folkloric, modern, theatrical and experimental movement. 

The original Kandake were the queens of ancient Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Egypt who were the political, military, and spiritual leaders of their societies. 

The women of The Kandake aim to continue the legacy of their predecessors by being catalysts for social change, priestesses of a higher purpose, and field marshals ushering in a better world. Thus, a percentage of every Kandake-run show is donated to a humanitarian cause.

Interaction with the audience and storytelling is characteristic of our work. While some of what we do may be disturbing, absurdist, graphic, or “dark” our purpose is to rupture comfort zones, wake the unconscious, and inspire critical thinking. Just don’t fall into the habit of trying to find “meaning” in every show–sometimes we just want to dance!

If you are interested in booking The Kandake please contact us at KandakeDance@gmail.com

Check out their website and their facebook!