Today is International Roma day

Today in Roma Day Observance….
Gypsy culture make us look in a mirror to all immigrants and remind us that regardless of our background or religion most of us share a common history.

This is the trailer of the just released movie in the US directed by Tony Gatlif: Korkoro.
Committed Gypsy culture chronicler Tony Gatlif (very famous for his movie Latcho Drom) dramatizes the TRUE story of a migrant family in Nazi- occupied France.

A movie that I will go watch… And is currently being shown at the Cinema Village.

[Burdel Dali Presents] International Roma Day

Get some culture and do some dancing… See you this weekend!

[Burdel Dali Presents] International Roma Gypsy Day
After-party for the cultural awareness event by

April 8th is International Roma Gypsy Day! Spend the day experiencing the gypsy culture via various performances, film screenings, parties, and information sessions, from Columbia University, the Hungarian Cultural Center, and Mehanata Bulgarian Bar.

Get some culture (and some drink specials)! When it’s all over, join us for a cinematic world-music experience on the dancefloor until 4AM.

[Gypsy Films Downtown] @ Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

→ 4pm: OUR SCHOOL by Mona Nicoara [excerpt: 20 mins]
SEARCHING FOR THE 4TH NAIL documentary by George Eli [70 mins]
→ 5.30-6.30pm: film discussion & drinks (+record stories in our video booth)
→ 6.30-8.30pm: GYPSY CARAVAN / When the Road Bends… by Jasmine Dellal + talk after with the director (
→ 8.00pm, Party & Live Music
→ 9 pm: LIVE ROMANI BAND – Bato the Yugo & Gypsy Boogie
→ 11:30PM: DJ Mishto & Raphlex [Burdel Dali Presents]

Click here for the full schedule, including events in other locations:

★ FREE ADMISSION on our list all night.




Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.
Hosted by Michelle Christina of Tchaikovsky Darling.


[Click to download PDF Flier]

Events happening across the city, including film screenings and dance party at Mehanata – download the pdf above or click here for the Mehanata Myspace blog post.

Thanks for coming on Thursday night to our April Fool’s day party! It was a drunken fit of passion until 4AM on a backdrop of Emir Kusturica’s Black, Cat White Cat. Next week will be another visually stimulating, circle-dancing throw down with events held in honor of International Roma Day. Check out the full schedule and we’ll see you on the dance floor!