Summer nights kicking off at Mehanata with the Burdel crew! Raphlex & Mishto on the main floor every Thursday night, in the ice cage every Saturday. Come and see us Thursday before we ship off to Montreal for a party with DJ Touski and the up-north fam!










Official Cast Party for “Come Undone”, the experimental belly dance theatrical production of our beloved KANDAKE DANCE…



“Who dances through your mind when you hear the words “belly dance?” Is it a majestic, glittering goddess, a mischievous gypsy, a veiled seductress? What about an alcoholic, single mother? A modern-day minstrel? An undead, lesbian banker?

COME UNDONE confronts modern women’s issues with an exaggerated, absurdist, even supernatural slant using a myriad of artistic disciplines such as martial arts, video projection, body painting, LED light work and more. ”

RSVP & ticket info


RAPHLEX & MISHTO have you chalga sex bombs, bhangra beats, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, and cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion all night long…

$5 rakia Shots all night!
Hookah, full Bulgarian food menu!

Burdel Dali teams up tonight with AlieNation in “DO YOU WANT TO GET ABDUCTED?”

Day? Tonight SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011

The official landing of The AlieNatioN dance single “GET ABDUCTED!”

Where? where else? Aliens would only land here….MEHANATA 113 Ludlow St.(near Delancey) Lower East Side NYC

Spaceship opens at 9pm
Free admission from 9pm-11pm
$10 after 11pm

Live Alien Abduction at 12 midnite

AlieNatioN & WetCircuit providing visual stimulation & probing all night long
Special performance by Mini-Michael Jackson and other-worldly visitors
DJ Mishto & Raphlex of [Burdel Dali Presents] spinning Space Gypsy Electro-Balkan Anthems

@ MEHANATA the Utimate Drunken-Balkan Disco Divebar goes Intergalactic!!
Drink, Smoke Hookah, Eat & Dance your tentacles off!
Imagine the STAR WARS Cantina…..gone wild!!

Same old, Same old, Crazed as Ever

We love when people honor our requirement for festive dress code. We used to threaten in our weekly invites that Mishka would throw you down the stairs if you didn’t heed the festive and/or soviet costume guidelines, but then when she actually tried to throw someone down the stairs, we had to take it less seriously.

But you guys know what’s up.

Also, Happy Birthday Cat!



Raphlex X Mishka in the ICE CAGE

One epic night in the ice cage with Raphlex & Mishka—accompanied by our beautiful shot girl Sarita, our Russian princess Anastasia, and all of the attractive bohemian wackos we’ve come to know and love at our Saturday night party, BALKAN BUBBLEGUM…

raphlex mishka ice cage mehanata bulgarian bar burdel dali presents dj balkan dance party

Sarita & Mishka!

Raphlex going bananas… with our fabulous new masks from Chinatown.

For that one glorious night before the new stripper poles were installed, we set up the projector to have Devdas and various highly decorated films projected on the back wall. People were loving it.

Our homegirl DJ WHO AM I was holding it down upstairs, with her psycho-festive russian setlist and ridiculously sexy body paint.

Raphlex & Mishka in the ice cage, Saturday nights! Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, 113 Ludlow btw Rivington & Delancey.

War paint… No one is safe.

Raphlex & Mishka kept the ice cage bangin till 4AM with the help of their war painted troopers, DJ Who Am I dropping in to get sexy, and the rundown of classixssszzz…! NEVER FORGET! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Big kisses to Elena, who went back to Russian the morning after — I’m sure she won’t forget us!

A big thanks & a tag-team affair

Thursday night was OFF ANY AND ALL HOOKS – thanks to everyone who came out! Especially the guy who one of our *unnamed* members chased on the street for violating a basic human right and forced him inside the bar for one chance to repent. You really rep’d Eastern Europe on the dance floor, man.

TONIGHT (Saturday, 9/11) Raphlex & Mishka will take over the Ice Cage… be there!


Friends, lovers, and enemies… we are thrilled to present our first promotional video – filmed & edited by Mishka.

This is the visual/audio manifestation of one amazing year – our friends, Burdel regulars, and the musicians wh0 inspire us are directly responsible and represented in the best way we could manage with the random footage we collected along the way. Please watch, enjoy, and pass along! OPA! ☆

Song: Zdob Si Zdub – Videli Noci

♪ → Raphlex (Arequipa, Peru)
♪ → DJ Mishto (Bucharest, Romania)
★→ Mishka (NYC)

[BURDEL DALI PRESENTS] is a crazed celebration of world music, cross-cultural dance floor throw-downs, international dress codes, and trans-global festivity.

Spawned from the minds of gypsy-sympathizing, globe-trotting artists and music-lovers DJ Mishto (Bucharest, Romania) & Raphlex (Arequipa, Peru), the party began as a Thursday night free-for-all at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar in downtown NYC.

They became maestros of Balkan anthems, gypsy lamentations, and a formidable plethora of festive soundtracks from across the universe. Michelle Christina (Mishka) of became the party’s host in Summer 2009 and the three have taken their circus from the wooden walls of the Bulgarian bar to the basements of Bushwick, abandoned airport fields, and everywhere in between.

They represent the first sparkling, melodic hints of what is becoming the most exciting scene to hit New York/Global nightlife in years.

Bands Featured at [Burdel Dali Presents] have included the infamous Mames Babegenush (Denmark), the illustrious Kreptatka Bar Band (NJ, USA), and downtown NYC gypsy music staples like Outernational, BAD BUKA, and Avram Pengas.

The after party routinely features epic world-wide soundtracks that mix the anthems of fallen nations with modern day pop and jacked up dance, all adequately saturated with regional audacity and vibrations of artistic, musical, and emotional revolution.

Patrons of the Burdel dance to Bulgarian chalga, Russian gypsy folk songs, klezmer wedding marches, Hungarian lullabies, and Punjabi bhangra beats in the span of a few hours. This caravan of culture and festivity is branching out in Summer 2010 to bring a bit of gypsy flavor to whoever is willing to listen. For now you can find them every Thursday night at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar. 113 Ludlow in the LES.

Lastly, check out this sexy photo by Jói Kjartans via Dazed Digital. Familiar hat?! See more photos and the write-up here.

Jói Kjartans