Experiments in Spray Paint

Another fascinating lab test by the Burdel Militia…spray paint and random house hold objects = more bang for your buck. Which you didn’t pay anyway, because you were smart enough to get on our guest list and ride free. xx

Special thanks to BudZillus for coming into town and throwing down their own brand of gypsy-swing exotica this April, hailing all the way from Germany – as well as young French accordionist Morgane Labbe who made a last-second surprise appearance.

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[Burdel Dali Presents] Grass Roots Promo!

Thanks to everyone who’s been spreading the word of our ethno-spectacular gypsy-punk movement. We’re so excited about the impending summer and all of the festive, apeshit stuff we’ve got lined up. Stick with us, you’ll experience things you never knew you wanted to….!

Candy & Joel representin’. xx