Who broke my gypsy festival?!

Despite our biggest event of the year being canceled at literally the last possible second, those who came to Gypsy Tabor to camp out for three days of music, booze, and frivolity were not going home without a fight. We didn’t actually do much fighting, but we did a whole lotta music making, hookah-smoking, BBQ-ing, and summer-soaking-up.

Thanks to everyone who stayed in the woods with us, especially the Russian folks with charged guitar amps, everyone who brought drums, flutes, tambourines, Kreptatka Camp for providing us with non-stop hookah all weekend, and Sarah for waving the “FUCK YEAH” flag.


The Thursday throw-down, and finally – a photo update!

We’ve had a few straight weeks of pure pleasantry – tribal dancers, confetti getting into Mishto’s laptop keyboard, great people who have been added to our phone directories for future folk-dancing/shot-taking, and inspiration to take this festive gathering to a new level.

Spring Fest Weekend!

Dhyana and Irina danced for us Thursday and Saturday, with Raya Brass Band.

That night we learned that BALKAN ROBOTS exist. Wowwww.

Sarah tearing apart the shot-selling competition! How can you say no to this face?

Thanks to all who came out – we’re about to get balkan-bananas again tomorrow night, so come out and forget about everything else for a few hours:

Thursday night – come learn something about human anatomy & shake yo’ shit!

[Burdel Dali Presents] Gypsy Punk Trans-Global Dance Party!

THURSDAY NIGHT! Bands on both levels of the club will get you shakin before Mishto & Raphlex teach you something about rhythm, cultural diffusion, and human anatomy…

Come stomp around to the trans-global tunes and immigrant anthems, have some hookah and a gypsy burger, and get NEEDLESSLY PASSIONATE! It’ll be hard to out-do last week, but we can try…


RSVP to burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com




Photography by nightlifebaby and Tchaikovsky Darling.
Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself!

Lime Green Gypsy Punks

The proceedings of February 25th were enough to thaw us out from the blizzard, and somehow also quite full of citrus flavor…

See you next week!

Propaganda & Mardi Gras~!

This party is going to be totally bananas. You’d be foolish to miss it.

[Burdel Dali Presents] Mardi Gras Carnival Party! ★

Next week the Burdel Dali Militia will dust off our dancing shoes two days early to celebrate Fat Tuesday in a fit of debauchery and excess. Come out, have a shot of rakia, and ring in the festival season like the sinner you are!

We’ll have drink specials, pretty girls in sequins & beads, dancing, screaming, and hookah chain-smoking. Festival tunes by Raphlex & Mishto. Join us in costume and leave your dignity at home. COSTUMES STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!

FREE ADMISSION. RSVP to burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com
Tuesday, February 16th at 9:00PM.

This event is brought to you by Rachel Martinez and Mehanata Bulgarian Bar.





And finally, a few photos from our Propaganda party last Thursday, c/o nightlifebaby.

Thanks for coming out!

NYE Weekend Left-Overs

Raj and Allie Silver, hailing from the same radio station in Chicago without evening knowing it – how Mehanata brings us back together! Allie interviewed us about Burdel Dali for WNUR 89.3 FM back in October – we’ll have some audio from the show up shortly.

Georgie porgy pudding pie, kissed the girls and made them furious.

Two great shots of loft-insanity, courtesy of Tina!

Trivia: 2 out of 3 Burdel Dali Militia officers have design training from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Represent! Our last second sewing efforts made NYE that much more metallic.

Frank London photos up next…

The Burdel Christmas Fiesta!

If Krampus has any candidates for kidnapping/harassment this year, those crazy gypsies all gathered at Mehanata last night, despite the insane blizzard and the heavy eggnog dosage… We left the lights and decorations behind at the commune to ring in the holidays the only way we know: Good music, pretty girls, and non-stop dancing… ★

We also sent off one of our beloved Burdel members, Michael – we love you & miss you already (some of us more than others, huh huh huh) and we’ll be waiting for our reunion, brothaaa… xx

Photos by Tchaikovsky Darling.

Burdel Chaplin?

An amazing Burdel Dali Presents last night, with cameos by the elegant dancer Yoko and freaking Charlie Chaplin herself. As if that wasn’t enough, a pair of blinking green glasses surfaced and shit hit the fan…

Photos by Tchaikovsky Darling.

99 Red Balloons

We’d like to thank the funeral party who left black/red balloons for us to play with this weekend. They were very useful. . . May your departed loved one rest in peace knowing what you were doing as soon as they left this earth(!!!)

Later we would make equally practical use of this random tree branch we found on the street at 6AM.

[Burdel Dali Presents] The Kreptatka Bar Band COSTUME PARTY!

[Burdel Dali Presents] The Kreptatka Bar Band COSTUME PARTY!

This Thursday at Burdel Dali Presents, come early for a live performance by the highly decorated, widely feared & adored Kreptatka Bar Band… come see if their inspirations (Gypsy Shamanism, substance) make an appearance.

At 9:30, Yuri Younakov & Avram Pengas take the stage. At 11:00 DJ Mishto & Raphlex and their island of misfit toys will be dispersing your favorite celebratory immigrant anthems…

Hosted by Tchaikovsky Darling… Dress code enforced via staircase brutality. Wear a costume or at least some war paint (and get ready to die on the dance floor). There is also a chance you may be thrown down the stairs, whether or not you pass the dress code. Ready yourselves.

As always… cheap wine, hookah, & history in the making.