The Burdel caravan is rolling to Montreal again for a wild night of global music and partying hard with our French-Canadian familia! The party goes down at Divan Orange and will feature the Burdel familia, Elvis Cocho, and Touski. RSVP here!



See our video from the last trip up north:

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The 3 Amigos

A few weeks ago the 3 amigos — Raphlex, Aisle Violator & Mishto of course — teamed up for one hell of a party on the main floor of Mehanata. Dancing on chairs, folk-tastic rug cutting, and many rakia shots ensued. If you missed it, you can relive it with these photos.


mehanata bulgarian bar nyc


mehanata bulgarian bar nyc











mehanata bulgarian bar nyc





mehanata bulgarian bar nyc


mehanata bulgarian bar nyc


Hell yeah.



Check it out, Montreal! We’ll be in your hood this weekend throwing down with DJ Touski and plenty more. Lineup & info below.




On te prépare toute une soirée pour le party du 4ième anniversaire! Tu auras droit à une Fanfare Jarry complètement déjantée qui va te livrer le meilleur des Brass Bands Gypsy ainsi qu’à l’équipe choc de DJs du célèbre Mehanata Bulgarian Club (Mishto + Raphlex + Mishka) [Burdel Dali Presents] le Burdel Dali Crew qui fait sauter les New-Yorkais depuis plus de 5 ans!

Prends une assurance sur ta vie et amène tous tes amis car le Balkan Gypsy Party de Montréal fait ensuite une pause estivale jusqu’en septembre.

☆☆☆ SAMEDI 14 JUIN 2014 – 21:00 ☆☆☆
☆☆ Divan Orange – 4234 St-Laurent ☆☆
☆ 12$ porte / 10$ d’avance ☆

Billets en ligne: http://bgp44burdeldali.bpt.me/

présenté par http://balkangypsyparty.com/ et http://camuz.ca/

☆☆☆ Fanfare Jarry – Montréal ☆☆☆
La Fanfare Jarry est un collectif de musiciens montréalais inspirée des fanfares d’Europe de l’est. Cette formation constituée de cuivres, bois et percussions vous propose un répertoire de pièces traditionnelles des Balkans, ainsi que de compositions originales de son fondateur Charles Duquette. Le mariage des clarinettes, trompettes, saxophones, euphoniums, tuba et percussion crée une richesse sonore enivrante qui ne laisse personne indifférent et l’énergie déployée par les musiciens de ce groupe est très contagieuse. La Fanfare Jarry vous promet une expérience remplie d’émotions dans une ambiance des plus festive et survoltée.
☆☆☆ http://www.fanfarejarry.ca/

☊ ☊ ☊ Burdel Dali Crew – Mehanata Bulgarian Club – NYC ☊ ☊ ☊
Three music loving, glass breaking global citizens who have taken on the ridiculously jovial mission of spreading trans-global beats, audio folklore, and border-jumping dress codes as far as it will reach from our outpost. Chalga mash-ups, bhangra beats, Russian festive & soviet dance floor killers, Klezmer marches, odes to Ex-Yugoslavia, Hungarian lullabies, cumbia over-dose!
☊ ☊ ☊ http://www.burdeldali.com/

☊ ☊ ☊ Touski ☊ ☊ ☊
Touski, le DJ résident, te réserve le meilleur des perles Gypsy et autres gâteries venues de l’Est. Chalga Bulgare, Manele Roumain, Turbo-Folk Serbe, Polka Ukrainienne, tout est bon pour te faire danser.
☊ ☊ ☊ http://balkangypsyparty.com/touski

☊ ☊ ☊ VJ IRa ☊ ☊ ☊
Ira va s’occuper de ton confort visuel à l’aide de ses graphiques délirants diffusés sur grand écran.


Summer nights kicking off at Mehanata with the Burdel crew! Raphlex & Mishto on the main floor every Thursday night, in the ice cage every Saturday. Come and see us Thursday before we ship off to Montreal for a party with DJ Touski and the up-north fam!









ShazaLaKazoo on Balkan Music and their new album Monobrow

It’s not breaking news that we are huge fans of this Serbian duo since we started our mission disseminating transglobal music, more than 5 years ago at Burdel Dali.

ShazaLaKazoo surprised us again with a superb album, which they cleverly named, Monobrow, as a poetic image of spatially separate cultures, united by a bridge.

We asked them more about the album:


Photo via ShakaLaKazoo 

Burdel Dali : For those new to the Balkan scene, can you give us a quick flashback to how Shazalakazoo got started?

ShazalaKazoo: Hello Burdel familia, we are ShazaLaKazoo from Belgrade, Serbia! The roots of ShazaLaKazoo are quite old… We were formed in the mid 90`s as a 5-member band. In 1998 we started to produce electronic music as a duo, creating all kinds of genres, but became more Balkan-oriented somewhere in 2006.

We have seen the Balkan music projects made by non-Balkan people emerging all over Europe in mid-2000’s so we just thought like – okay, let’s present our musical heritage in the way we find more real. But after some years we were a bit bored with doing only Balkan music with electronic so we decided to merge it with other styles from the countries from Non Aligned Movement, notably from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East – so this sound was created. We call it the “Folkstep”. You call it as you wish. everything’s fine.

BD : How long a project was it to finish Monobrow? What are the highlights?

S:It took us approximately two and half years to finish it. Just because we were too laid back. It could be done in a year or so. The process is simple – we make beats, then contact the artist with whom we want to collaborate (vocalists and instrumentalists), record them (or they record themselves if they live in other countries), then we mix it all up.

I can’t remember the highlights really, as the making process was too long. Ok maybe i do – it’s the recording of excellent trumpet/trombone player Milos Nikolic – one guy that recorded the whole Gypsy brass band on some of our tracks. Incredible.

BD : Which artists were you most excited to work with?

S: We were excited about them all! We have a lot of guests in MONOBROW: Argentinians (Miss Bolivia, Fauna), Brazilians (Chernobyl, Suppa Fla, Zuzuka Poderosa), Serbian Gypsies (Roma Sijam, Romano Duruli, Sinan Acifovic), Spanish (MishMish) and of course our fellow Serbs/Bosnians/Croats (Milos Nikolic, Las Balkanieras, Miroslav Cucukovic).. Three continents, 11 nations, many styles. It’s a kind of World stew with predominant spices from the Balkan peninsula.

BD : What do you see for the future of the global Balkan music scene?

S: I don’t know about the scene, but I know about the music – it’s here to stay and develop. Actually, Balkan music was always present, it’s a live organism, it was only the question whether it’s in the spot internationally or not. As I said in “Balkan’s Not Dead” track: “It hasn’t sunk into the murky depths of Danube.. It is still here, fresher than ever…”

BD : What is the mission of Shazalakazoo?

S : The only mission i can think of is to make people dance, regardless of their ethnic/racial background. We do music for dance, no subliminal messages, no messages at all. Just dance. It’s simple and effective. There’s too much trouble around us anyway so why should we think about it when we go to the club/festival?

BD : And of course, we want to know if you have plans to visit New York sometime soon!

S : We’d like to do it as soon as possible. But no plans so far on the horizon. As always – there’s problem with US visas, expensive flight tickets, etc, etc. But sooner or later – we will come. We have to.


The album is available on iTunes and Soundcloud


Special thanks to ShazaLaKazoo.

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