Tonight at Mehanata…. the Gogol Bordello concert was rained out today but tonight Eugene will be spinning from 11PM on Mehanata’s main floor, followed by DJ Chico Teck. Raphlex will take over the ice cage!!

113 Ludlow!


Same old, Same old, Crazed as Ever

We love when people honor our requirement for festive dress code. We used to threaten in our weekly invites that Mishka would throw you down the stairs if you didn’t heed the festive and/or soviet costume guidelines, but then when she actually tried to throw someone down the stairs, we had to take it less seriously.

But you guys know what’s up.

Also, Happy Birthday Cat!



Raphlex X Mishka in the ICE CAGE

One epic night in the ice cage with Raphlex & Mishka—accompanied by our beautiful shot girl Sarita, our Russian princess Anastasia, and all of the attractive bohemian wackos we’ve come to know and love at our Saturday night party, BALKAN BUBBLEGUM…

raphlex mishka ice cage mehanata bulgarian bar burdel dali presents dj balkan dance party

Sarita & Mishka!

Raphlex going bananas… with our fabulous new masks from Chinatown.

For that one glorious night before the new stripper poles were installed, we set up the projector to have Devdas and various highly decorated films projected on the back wall. People were loving it.

Our homegirl DJ WHO AM I was holding it down upstairs, with her psycho-festive russian setlist and ridiculously sexy body paint.

Raphlex & Mishka in the ice cage, Saturday nights! Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, 113 Ludlow btw Rivington & Delancey.