Fund Raya Brass Band’s Record Production!

Because they are an amazing local band who deserve to be helped out!

On a cold January day a couple of years ago, at the very beginning of the Raya Brass Band oddysey, we recorded our first album in the living room in my small apartment in Prospect Heights. After celebrating the two year anniversary of our band and our namesake, we went into a real studio and recorded the music for our next album. In two sessions we laid down 17 tunes and the results sound amazing! We’re part way into the mixing process now and are getting excited to hear the final results.

We had some money set aside to track and mix this album, but now we’re out and there’s a lot left to be done. We still have to master the album, pay for artwork, duplication, and publicity. If we raise enough money we’d love to put out a limited edition LP for those of you with turntables.

So, this is where YOU come in.

To fund the production for this record, Raya Brass Band is using an innovative new (well, not really that new anymore, but maybe it’s new to you…) platform called Kickstarter. Essentially, YOU (our friends, family, relations and fans) can donate small, medium and large sums of money in exchange for rewards. It’s a lot like an NPR pledge drive, but we’ve got better rewards than a tote bag or a coffee mug. You can think of it as an advance purchase, as encouragement to continue making great music, as a gift.

Please take a look and help us out. Even $5 or $3 or $1 helps. Of course, so does $10, 20, $50, $100. And please tell your friends about it using all the social links you could possibly need on the Kickstarter page and old fashioned word of mouth. Maybe you know somebody else who would really love to help fund Brooklyn’s own village Balkan brass band! The catch is that the drive is all or nothing. If we don’t raise our $5,000 goal in the next 30 days, we won’t see any of the money.

Click this link to go to the page where you can find out more about our Kickstarter campaign and to make a pledge:

To find out more about Raya Brass Band, go to:

Thanks so much for any help you can give as we go from tracks on hard drive to a fully realized CD. We appreciate your support!

Raya Brass Band at Balkan Shout Out:

Raya Brass Band sleeping on a bridge/playing some great tunes:

Raya Brass Band in less clothing than usual at the Russian Baths:


—Burdel Family