God Bless the French

Les Touffes Krétiennes! Self proclaimed “happily crazy and impertinently groovy” brass band from France took up half the room when they took the stage last weekend. They gave us CDs, hats, and after-hours life advice. But mostly it was their live set that blew us away. Visit them online.

Photos by Tchaikovsky Darling.

The Frank London Orchestra at Mehanata

Photos from The Frank London Orchestra‘s Super-Extravagant Post-Klezkamp Year’s-End Ethno-World Funky Funky Brass Band Blowout and Jam Session on December 30th. It’s hard to tell where the band ends and the blissed-out patrons begin… Click for high-res!

Photos by nightlifebaby.

We just caught wind of our buddy’s, the Kreptatka Bar Band, victorious return to Mehanata. It’s happening January 31st at 8:30PM so come early – click to rsvp. These boys made the gypsy festival a beautiful memory for us and we can’t wait to jump all over them – EN VIVO!!!

Also, check out fellow Mehanata resident DJ and all around stellar guy Uproot Andy in this issue of xlr8r music magazine.