We celebrated dear RAPHLEX’s birthday in a crazy way at Mehanata last night… cake was flying, beautiful fur hats were destroyed, all in the name of trans-global festivity… worth it? OPAAAAAAAAAAAA! Thanks Amelia for the photos.

We love you! ♥

An Epic Weekend

Mehanata’s owner, the infamous Sasho, celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Cake was flying, the Kreptatka Bar Band played a mean set (and lucky audience members got all kinds of weird prizes), food and drinks were endless, and a little top secret knife dancing showcase went down on the upper level after 3.

Mishka celebrated a reunion of her finest fashion school classmates on Thursday – big thanks to them for coming out and starting up the party with us!

Finally, some shots of the beautiful Bastet Belly Dance troupe, who performed last weekend with all of their secret weapons…