Getting ready for the Rubin Museum :Dalaras Bregovic Zorbas Red Army Choir

We have been gathering old classic Russian music and great amazing Greek songs, among our always beloved ex yugo anthems for this friday at the Rubin Museum.

Come join us at the K2 lounge from 6 to 10 pm for the opening party of the Icon Conference–”Embodying the Holy: Icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism”.

Here some songs we will be spinning : from Giorgos Dalaras, Lazopoulos and Giannis Parios to russian Старые песни о главном часть and Goran Bregovic. see you there.

Super Sexy Balkan Lipstick Party w/ Guest DJ Мишка ! (?!)

This weekend, excess makeup, spring colors, and three DJs!

[Burdel Dali Presents] Gypsy Punk Trans-Global Dance Party!

Thursday night at Mehanata, a technicolor international parade of fools and royalty alike will launch at 9:30PM and march until morning! A festival for the highly decorated, music-saturated, lovers of life and rowdy companions…

Immigrant anthems by:

♪ → Raphlex (Arequipa, Peru)
♪ → DJ Mishto (Bucharest, Romania)
♪ → DJ Mishka (NYC)

Gypsy Punk Parranda, Remixed Russian Festive, Ex-Yugoslavian marches, Chalga, Electro, Flamenca, battle cries!

★ FREE ADMISSION on our list all night.

Note: You have to email us for a free ride, bebez.
Clicking “attending” doesn’t hack it.




Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.
Hosted by Michelle Christina of Tchaikovsky Darling.

Happy Holidays from Burdel Dali Presents! ★ ☆

Мишка, Raphlex, and Mishto would like to wish you a sentimental, red wine holiday, a merry merry Christmas, and the happiest of New Years. Speaking of New Years, you know it falls on a Thursday, right?! PARTEEEEE ★ ☆

Stay tuned for big things in 2010… xx

Ice Queens

Мишка & Zooey England step in for a couple hours while the boys do some lady-killing. The sub-zero vodka circus is alive and well as the days get colder and dignity freezes over…

! ! ! !

Tricks and treats… still having nightmares.

Halloween weekend was a 3-day eyeliner & propaganda drunk goblin-fest to be sure. Just look at these monsters!

Thursday at [Burdel Dali Presents], we held our party above a pagan Gods & Goddesses celebration that was tempting us hardcore with a well-endowed trophy…

Friday night…

Saturday night…

Saturday night photos by, Thursday/Friday by Tchaikovsky Darling.