ShazaLaKazoo on Balkan Music and their new album Monobrow

It’s not breaking news that we are huge fans of this Serbian duo since we started our mission disseminating transglobal music, more than 5 years ago at Burdel Dali.

ShazaLaKazoo surprised us again with a superb album, which they cleverly named, Monobrow, as a poetic image of spatially separate cultures, united by a bridge.

We asked them more about the album:


Photo via ShakaLaKazoo 

Burdel Dali : For those new to the Balkan scene, can you give us a quick flashback to how Shazalakazoo got started?

ShazalaKazoo: Hello Burdel familia, we are ShazaLaKazoo from Belgrade, Serbia! The roots of ShazaLaKazoo are quite old… We were formed in the mid 90`s as a 5-member band. In 1998 we started to produce electronic music as a duo, creating all kinds of genres, but became more Balkan-oriented somewhere in 2006.

We have seen the Balkan music projects made by non-Balkan people emerging all over Europe in mid-2000’s so we just thought like – okay, let’s present our musical heritage in the way we find more real. But after some years we were a bit bored with doing only Balkan music with electronic so we decided to merge it with other styles from the countries from Non Aligned Movement, notably from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East – so this sound was created. We call it the “Folkstep”. You call it as you wish. everything’s fine.

BD : How long a project was it to finish Monobrow? What are the highlights?

S:It took us approximately two and half years to finish it. Just because we were too laid back. It could be done in a year or so. The process is simple – we make beats, then contact the artist with whom we want to collaborate (vocalists and instrumentalists), record them (or they record themselves if they live in other countries), then we mix it all up.

I can’t remember the highlights really, as the making process was too long. Ok maybe i do – it’s the recording of excellent trumpet/trombone player Milos Nikolic – one guy that recorded the whole Gypsy brass band on some of our tracks. Incredible.

BD : Which artists were you most excited to work with?

S: We were excited about them all! We have a lot of guests in MONOBROW: Argentinians (Miss Bolivia, Fauna), Brazilians (Chernobyl, Suppa Fla, Zuzuka Poderosa), Serbian Gypsies (Roma Sijam, Romano Duruli, Sinan Acifovic), Spanish (MishMish) and of course our fellow Serbs/Bosnians/Croats (Milos Nikolic, Las Balkanieras, Miroslav Cucukovic).. Three continents, 11 nations, many styles. It’s a kind of World stew with predominant spices from the Balkan peninsula.

BD : What do you see for the future of the global Balkan music scene?

S: I don’t know about the scene, but I know about the music – it’s here to stay and develop. Actually, Balkan music was always present, it’s a live organism, it was only the question whether it’s in the spot internationally or not. As I said in “Balkan’s Not Dead” track: “It hasn’t sunk into the murky depths of Danube.. It is still here, fresher than ever…”

BD : What is the mission of Shazalakazoo?

S : The only mission i can think of is to make people dance, regardless of their ethnic/racial background. We do music for dance, no subliminal messages, no messages at all. Just dance. It’s simple and effective. There’s too much trouble around us anyway so why should we think about it when we go to the club/festival?

BD : And of course, we want to know if you have plans to visit New York sometime soon!

S : We’d like to do it as soon as possible. But no plans so far on the horizon. As always – there’s problem with US visas, expensive flight tickets, etc, etc. But sooner or later – we will come. We have to.


The album is available on iTunes and Soundcloud


Special thanks to ShazaLaKazoo.

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Mister Moombah joined us for burdel dali this week, straight from Colombia via Llorona records! We had a killer set with Mister Moombah, Raphlex, and DJ Mishto side by side in front of a raging dance floor until morning…

burdel dali presents mehanata

burdel dali presents mehanata

burdel dali presents mehanata

burdel dali presents mehanata

burdel dali presents mehanata


And join us tonight for RAPHLEX IN THE ICE CAGE!

Mehanata, 113 Ludlow, LES NYC

MamesBabegenush – “Never Sleep” feat. Cornstick & Pharfar

We’ve been meaning to post this forever! Our Danish homeboys MamesBabegenush sent us this exclusive track from their latest collection and we wanna share it with you.

MamesBabegenush’s “Never Sleep” featuring Cornstick & Pharfar.

Check it!


Also, tomorrow night, ESCARIOKA en vivo in the burdel! Come rock the F*** out!!

escarioka burdel dali mehanata

Fiesta de Negritos Lucho Bermudez (Remixed by Chico Selectah)

Fiesta de Negritos Lucho Bermudez (Remixed by Chico Selectah)

chico selekta remix escarioka burdel dali

♪ ♫♪ ♫ fiesta-de-negritos-remix-lucho

Follow el CHICO on Soundcloud and get updates when he uploads.

Ionut Cercel Featured in VICE Mag

Our Romanian homeboy Ionut Cercel, the 14-year-old idol responsible for the song we dance to three nights a week at Mehanata,  has a feature and interview in VICE. Article below:


Ionut Cercel is the Justin Bieber of manele, a genre of Romanian music that can best be described as a questionable combination of Gypsy folk and modern dance pop. He is 14 years old, has five solo albums under his belt, and is the subject of dozens of fan-created Facebook pages.

All of this while dressing like a 45-year-old Vegas lounge singer (which, unsurprisingly, is a popular style in Romania). Recently, his brother started a clothing label under Ionut ’s name. Its target demographic? “Posh people.” I met Ionut for a coffee at a gas station—a place he “felt comfortable”—where he told me more about his style and I had a hard time resisting making jokes about coffee and Ionuts.

VICE: How do you select your clothes?

Ionut Cercel: Clothes are the only thing I spend a long time thinking about. I am very picky. I usually choose a suit, together with a shirt and a tie, depending on how they match and on my mood. I’ve liked wearing matching items since I was little. It makes people respect me, and it also shows I respect myself. If you are a serious kid, you don’t like to dress casual.

How would you categorize the items in your wardrobe?

Stage costumes, school outfits, TV-show outfits, and accessories. I have about ten hats and 20 pairs of glasses. I like the round ones from Ray-Ban, because they cover up my face when I’m tired. I always wear this chainlet I got as a present from a Brazilian guy who owns a disco in Greece. I have to alter the watches I buy, because I have small wrists. When I want to look older, I wear a tie.

What is the difference between your stage and school outfits?

The stage outfits are more serious—very elegant and expensive. The school clothes are classical. Everybody knows who I am at school; I don’t need to show off. But I have to look good onstage, because that’s what my fans care about. I dress quite posh.

What does “posh” mean to you?

Fashionable. Clothes should show your best features. If it’s cheap, but I like how it looks, price doesn’t matter. Still, I feel expensive clothes fit you better. The shirt doesn’t need to have cufflinks, but it has to have a hard collar. I prefer fitted clothes; I don’t like clothes to hang about me.

See the article here.

Kissmet: A Storm In The Rainforest

UK-based trans-global band Kissmet is tearing up the word music scene right now, and they sent us a video of one of their recent epic performances in Malaysia at Rainforest World Music Fest. We thought we would share some of their media and some info about them in case you’ve never experienced their psychedelic rock x Bhangra vibe.

kissmet live

“Kissmet has taken traditional Bhangra music from the fields of India and fused it seamlessly with Rock (Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream). The result is a pulsating, exciting rollercoaster ride of positive energy from the East to the West and back again.

Kissmet creates a fantastic, interactive experience where the band interacts with, engages with and involves the audience, uniting them and taking them on a wonderful journey from the East to the West and back again. What Kissmet does cannot be replicated by any other artist so you would have a highly exclusive event that would be the perfect addition to your festival, something your audience will remember for years to come.”

Kissmet in the Rainforest, Part 1
Kissmet in the Rainforest, Part 2
Kissmet all around the world

If you’re interested in contacting them for a booking, see info below:

Contact: Ron Singh
+44 7931 325838 (UK)
Skype name: Kissmetband

Check them out on FB here:

Russian Riot Grrls: PUSSY RIOT & BENEFIT PATCHANKA Party This Weekend

The Russian riot girl band Pussy Riot is going viral right now. We’re not crazy about the music, but we like what they’re doing. See below re: developing forms of protest.

Text reblogged from Dangerous Minds:

“Before the police dragged them off, the members of Pussy Riot, the Russian day-glo balaclava-clad punk rock protesters, sang their anthem “Revolt in Russia” (“Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest / Revolt in Russia, Putin’s got scared!”) near the Kremlin. Their inspiration for a style of resistance never before seen in Russia, was the riot grrrl punk movement, including groups like Kathleen Hanna’s Bikini Kill, and flash mobs. The young women of the collective, average age 25, have revealed only the smallest details about their lives. None will divulge their day jobs. They only use first-names.

pussy riot grrl russian punk

In the two weeks since their mid-January action, the all-female group has become a potent symbol of anger at the status quo in Russian society and their videos have gone viral all over the world. Like many young people in Russia, the members of the Pussy Riot collective are furious at Vladamir Putin’s plans to seek the presidency again and his return was the impetus behind the formation of the group (as well as their song “Putin Has Pissed Himself”).”

pussy riot grrl russian punk

From The Guardian:

“We understood that to achieve change, including in the sphere of women’s rights, it’s not enough to go to Putin and ask for it,” said Garadzha. “This is a rotten, broken system.”

Her bandmate Tyurya said: “The culture of protest needs to develop. We have one form, but we need many different kinds.”

The band began writing songs with lyrics such as: “Egyptian air is good for the lungs / Do Tahrir on Red Square!” and performing on trams and in the metro. Videos of the flash gigs began spreading across the internet. When the protest leader Alexey Navalny was jailed for 15 days after his arrest during Russia’s first post-election protest on 5 December, three members of Pussy Riot took to the roof of the jail where he was being held, setting off red flares as they sang “Death to prison / Freedom to protest!”

The fear of arrest long ago left the band members, steeped in the tradition of illegal protest. “We have experience with it, we’ve been detained at protests before,” said Tyurya. “It’s not scary – you’re surrounded by good, normal people, those who protest against Putin.”

All eight women were detained during the Kremlin performance, questioned and released. Most got off with administrative fines rather than the 15-day jail sentences often doled out to those who stage illegal protests.

“The revolution should be done by women,” said Garazhda. “For now, they don’t beat or jail us as much.”

“There’s a deep tradition in Russia of gender and revolution – we’ve had amazing women revolutionaries.”

The band is getting ready for its next performance, something that usually takes a month to pull together. Its members don’t discuss plans on the telephone or give away details, out of fear that the security services will disrupt the project. Is what they do art or politics? “For us it’s one and the same.”

Despite projected temperatures of -20C, tens of thousands of protesters are expected to march on Bolotnaya Square, across from the Kremlin, on Saturday. The Russian presidential election will be held on March 4. Vladimir Putin, is, of course, expected to win handily.

Read more:
Feminist punk band Pussy Riot take revolt to the Kremlin (The Guardian)

Visit Pussy Riot online.

P.S. Thanks for everyone who came out to Burdel Dali last night!! Message from DJ Raphlex Below:

Last night was insane…. Thanks to all comrades friends and lovers who came yesterday, thanks to my brotha Chico Selektor on the decks, Thanks to Who Am I for all the damage made on the dancefloor, Thanks to my lovely Michelle Christina to Mehanata and to all of you my family for making of last night such an awesome BURDEL! Transglobal music has no boundaries! OPA!

Stay tuned for next week’s party announcement.

Please also come out this weekend to BENEFIT PATCHANKA, feat. SKARRONEROS, KAZMO (FROM KAGERO), Kate Dunphy (From Chicholina Sound Machine), CONSUMATA (feat. ex members of Escarioka and Karuhata), with Dj Sets By CHICO SELEKTOR & EMMA SOUND SISTA. Taking place at Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St. (between Grand St & Broome St).

This is a benefit for friends of ours who had a horrible house fire recently. Spread the word!

benefit patchanka

STUMBLEBUM BRASS BAND! Kickstarter & tour

We know we’re posting up a lot of kickstarter promo lately for our friends’ bands—but they’re awesome, and they deserve some funding from music lovers! Our most recent pledge goes to The Stumblebum Brass Band, an insanely talented group that are about to take the West Coast by storm. You can help them along on Kickstarter here (thank you gifts include Whiskey and live music). Details below.

“The Stumblebums are off to the West Coast in March and we’re looking for some help.  We started a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for a van rental, airfare, lodging, etc…  Most folks don’t know how expensive it is to keep us three boys safely on the road.  Well, unfortunately it is.  We’re reaching out to our loyal fans to help offset some of those costs and to expose the band to other regions of the US of A.  There’s no label, there’s no government grant, there’s no sponsor, it’s just the three of us playing our little hearts out for you and whoever else wanders into our path.

We get a lot of emails from people from all over the US of A asking us to play their town.  To be honest, we make it to as many of the big cities and some of the most obscure out of the way places as we can.  We love doing this and there’s always a good party wherever we go.  Would we love it if someone hit us up with $5K?  Hell yeah we would.  We’d make a point of putting that into our March tour schedule.  We certainly know that not everyone is running around with $5K to give to us but we do know that every $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, etc…  counts.

We’re starting to sound like Jerry Lewis on the Labor Day Telethon…  and well…  you know what we’re asking.

We’ve got 40 days to make our $2K campaign bid on Kickstarter.  We don’t make the $2K in 40 days then we don’t get any money at all.  That’s how Kickstarter works.  You can buy a CD for $10, you can buy an autographed CD for $20, $25 gets you an autographed CD and a Jonny Ballz drumstick.  As you see, the more you buy the more you get.  Wait ’til you see what we’ll do for $10k!  We also made a special video for the Kickstarter campaign.

At least watch that.  It’s funny.  Also, forward this to your friends from this email or from our Facebook page. Everything you do helps us.Click here to go to Kickstarter and to watch the video!
The Stumblebums”

Stumblebums West Coast Binge Schedule 

Mar 15 – Seattle, WA – The Blue Moon

Mar 16 – Olympia, WA – Le Voyeur

Mar 17 – Portland, OR – St. Paddy’s Day!

StumbleBum Portland Pub Crawl, email us for info

Mar 18 – Portland, OR – Dante’s

Mar 19 – Medford, OR – Johnny B’s

Mar 20 – Redding, CA – Bombay’s

Mar 21 – Sacramento, CA – Java Lounge

Mar 22 – TBA

Mar 23 – Las Vegas, NV – Vegas Bar Crawl

Mar 24 – Las Vegas, NV – Double Down

Stumblebums Alaska Binge Schedule 

May 25th 2012 – June 9th 2012

Trapper Creek – May 25th – May 27th 2012

Booking dates now from May 28th until June 9th in Alaska

Talk to Boot if ya know him.