Three music loving, glass breaking global citizens who have taken on the ridiculously jovial mission of spreading trans-global beats, audio folklore, and border-jumping dress codes as far as it will reach from our outpost.

We are available for all manner of events from private parties to museum gallery opening receptions, weddings, concert after-parties, festivals, and anything else that requires a frantic dose of hyper-festive global appeal.
Our weekly party has been rattling the lower east side for over two years and we’re waiting for you to come and sink your teeth into this crazed celebration of gypsy beats and world-wide rhythms!

Chalga cuts, Bhangra beats, Russian festive & soviet dance floor killers, Klezmer marches, Ex-Yugoslavian anthems, Hungarian lullabies, cumbia over-dose!

Every Thursday at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar (113 Ludlow, between Delancey & Rivington). Live music at 9:30PM, Raphlex & Mishto at 11:30PM. Special appearances all over the place. Stay in touch to see where we’ll be next!

Add us on facebook to stay up to date on parties.

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS BURDEL DALI?

  1. Monday 18 July 2011,New York,USA

    A Few Advices : To :

    Manager Bulgarian Bar – Disco – Restaurant
    113 Ludlow Street, New York , NY 10002

    1. You must not trust to E-Mails that you will send to people or your costumers because the Agency/F.B.I. can block some of E-Mails. It is happened with me lots of times. Also F.B.I. did not let me me to open the messages of Mehanata.com sent me on 27 June 2011, and 4 and 11 July 2011 ! I kept these messages in my e-mail ,but the other day were not in my e-mail ! My yahoo.com e-mail belongs to F.B.I. ,and I maybe some time look at it. Please use my new e-mail: kudos.talash@ojooo.com in future. All electric mails are not trusful in U.S.A.. I must wait and see,what will happen with ojooo.com .

    Free E-Mails , like : hotmail.com , AOL ,,yahoo.com … are the worst E-mails in U.S.A. .

    I opened Mehanata.com on 11 July 2011 to read, what is new ? I saw on Wednesday 13 July 2011 will play people guitar there. I participated on July 13,2011 from 10 p.m. to 12:20 a.m. there, it costed $5 admission.

    2. Mehanata.com should pay attention about it workers who fix up music in ground-floor after finish – Live Music – . I was regular in ground -floor for five weeks on Thursday , Mr. Rafay ,and his friends were busy to dancing with girls and ladies more than they care for music special after 1 a.m. . Every new woman or girl to enter in Bulgarian Bar-Disco , she must dance first with Mr. Rafay or his friends. These workers who fix up the music in grounf-floor, they dealing so that Mehanata is their own private property ! (You can check up vidio camera)

    Bulgarian Bar-Disco must say for it workers that they may dance with every body ,but they must not forget , the Bulgarian Bar-Disco hire them to fix up music, and work in Disco .

    On Wednesday July 14,2011 from 10:30 p.m. to 2:40 a.m. Thursday 15 July ,2011 , I was in Bulgarian Bar-Disco, about 2a.m. a man danced with a woman, after 10 second Mr. Rafay stopped up knowingly and intentional the music for a few minutes because Mr. Rafay danced with same/this woman before , also I saw Mr. Rafay danced with this woman last Thursday.
    The man and woman separated,and man left the Bar-Disco later. Every body if wants , I can remember this subject for Mr. Rafay.
    (On July 14,2011 Mr. Rafay asked me:What is your name ? I told: Talash. I asked him:What is your name ? He unwelcome said: Rafay.)

    The Bulgarian -Bar-Disco can change the place , and time of workers who fix up the music,and tells them ,why hire them.

    3. On Friday 16 July,2011 at 12:45 a.m. (Thursday night) finished – Live Music – by Mr. Yuri Yunakov ,and Mr. Alfred. Mr. Alfred took the flag of France from wall. In my opinion it was not good because in July 2011 a group of musician play on Wednesday, I suppose they stuck out the France flag on the wall. Every where in City of new York , stick up the flags of different countries, like: Portorico, South America,and European countries.
    Mr.Alfred is a nice guy, he is my friend, but if my friend or my best friend does an incorrect action, I will remember it.

    Please save this message in your Disk, it is useful for you to read in future also.

    Thank You

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