Vote For The People’s Caravan!

Hey comrades, we’re asking you to take two clicks worth of your morning to vote for our friends from The People’s Caravan and their theme for Magneet Festival in the Netherlands. All you have to do is click this link and click once more to vote.

The founders of The People’s Caravan are currently in India spreading the news about their nomadic arts & culture project, and will be heading to Europe to do more of the same in the next couple weeks. We’ve had the pleasure of partying with them at a variety of wild events and sharing moments of music and festivity with them over the past few years, and we believe they can light a fire that will burn brightly enough for all who desire more creativity + inspiration in their lives. Right now they’re just trying to share the idea with as many people as they can, and Magneet Festival is one of their goals.


So once again, click this link and click once more to vote.

Thanks Burdelitos!


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