Our close comrades and partners-in-throwing-NYC’s-most-insane-dance-parties (not to mention massively talented musicians with flavor you just don’t come across often) ESCARIOKA released their debut album, FACTOR SABOR. You can listen to the whole thing at Soundcloud.

escarioka factor sabor


“ESCARIOKA is a multicultural collective that started late 2002 in Elizabeth NJ. Since the start, an explosion of energy that mixes ROCK N’ ROLL and HARD-CORE DUB TROPICAL RAGGAMUFFIN with flavors from around the world. ESCARIOKA is lead by Exequiel & Pablo D’ambrosio, Cristobal Miranda Hidalgo and Fernando Alvarez.

The meaning of ESCARIOKA is to keep sharing the party with positive messages against false truth in society, keeping hope alive, and combatting one’s ego to stay true. The bottom line is to enjoy ”EL BAILONGO” (the party).

ESCARIOKA has earned themselves a top spot in NYC’s world music scene, opening for bands like SKA-P,LOS DESTELLOS, CHICO TRUJILLO, FIDEL NADAL, MIMI MAURA, SERGIO ROTMAN (Fabulosos Cadillacs) and more.

The band will release its first album ”FACTOR SABOR” under the independent label of MEHANATA RECORDS. ESCARIOKA will keep promoting flavor, energy, happiness, identity, density, capacity, party, etc! This collective of artists are more than just a Rock n’ Roll band — they’re a group of close friends that consider one another family, and will work together to spread their message.

Thanks to all the fans and our family that support us in our shows, showing tremendous love – we want to say thank you so much!”


Below, one of our favorite tracks:

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