Our close comrades and partners-in-throwing-NYC’s-most-insane-dance-parties (not to mention massively talented musicians with flavor you just don’t come across often) ESCARIOKA released their debut album, FACTOR SABOR. You can listen to the whole thing at Soundcloud.

escarioka factor sabor


“ESCARIOKA is a multicultural collective that started late 2002 in Elizabeth NJ. Since the start, an explosion of energy that mixes ROCK N’ ROLL and HARD-CORE DUB TROPICAL RAGGAMUFFIN with flavors from around the world. ESCARIOKA is lead by Exequiel & Pablo D’ambrosio, Cristobal Miranda Hidalgo and Fernando Alvarez.

The meaning of ESCARIOKA is to keep sharing the party with positive messages against false truth in society, keeping hope alive, and combatting one’s ego to stay true. The bottom line is to enjoy ”EL BAILONGO” (the party).

ESCARIOKA has earned themselves a top spot in NYC’s world music scene, opening for bands like SKA-P,LOS DESTELLOS, CHICO TRUJILLO, FIDEL NADAL, MIMI MAURA, SERGIO ROTMAN (Fabulosos Cadillacs) and more.

The band will release its first album ”FACTOR SABOR” under the independent label of MEHANATA RECORDS. ESCARIOKA will keep promoting flavor, energy, happiness, identity, density, capacity, party, etc! This collective of artists are more than just a Rock n’ Roll band — they’re a group of close friends that consider one another family, and will work together to spread their message.

Thanks to all the fans and our family that support us in our shows, showing tremendous love – we want to say thank you so much!”


Below, one of our favorite tracks:

Fiesta de Negritos Lucho Bermudez (Remixed by Chico Selectah)

Fiesta de Negritos Lucho Bermudez (Remixed by Chico Selectah)

chico selekta remix escarioka burdel dali

♪ ♫♪ ♫ fiesta-de-negritos-remix-lucho

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KANDAKE Dance Theater For Social Change & Their Badass New Video

KANDAKE Dance Theater for Social Change is celebrating their 1st year as a troupe, and they’ve released this incredibly badass teaser video of their experimental belly dance performance piece(s), “Come Undone”. We’ve seen it first-hand, and it’s an intense thing to behold. Check it out for yourself:

Check their website for upcoming performances.


Ionut Cercel Featured in VICE Mag

Our Romanian homeboy Ionut Cercel, the 14-year-old idol responsible for the song we dance to three nights a week at Mehanata,  has a feature and interview in VICE. Article below:


Ionut Cercel is the Justin Bieber of manele, a genre of Romanian music that can best be described as a questionable combination of Gypsy folk and modern dance pop. He is 14 years old, has five solo albums under his belt, and is the subject of dozens of fan-created Facebook pages.

All of this while dressing like a 45-year-old Vegas lounge singer (which, unsurprisingly, is a popular style in Romania). Recently, his brother started a clothing label under Ionut ’s name. Its target demographic? “Posh people.” I met Ionut for a coffee at a gas station—a place he “felt comfortable”—where he told me more about his style and I had a hard time resisting making jokes about coffee and Ionuts.

VICE: How do you select your clothes?

Ionut Cercel: Clothes are the only thing I spend a long time thinking about. I am very picky. I usually choose a suit, together with a shirt and a tie, depending on how they match and on my mood. I’ve liked wearing matching items since I was little. It makes people respect me, and it also shows I respect myself. If you are a serious kid, you don’t like to dress casual.

How would you categorize the items in your wardrobe?

Stage costumes, school outfits, TV-show outfits, and accessories. I have about ten hats and 20 pairs of glasses. I like the round ones from Ray-Ban, because they cover up my face when I’m tired. I always wear this chainlet I got as a present from a Brazilian guy who owns a disco in Greece. I have to alter the watches I buy, because I have small wrists. When I want to look older, I wear a tie.

What is the difference between your stage and school outfits?

The stage outfits are more serious—very elegant and expensive. The school clothes are classical. Everybody knows who I am at school; I don’t need to show off. But I have to look good onstage, because that’s what my fans care about. I dress quite posh.

What does “posh” mean to you?

Fashionable. Clothes should show your best features. If it’s cheap, but I like how it looks, price doesn’t matter. Still, I feel expensive clothes fit you better. The shirt doesn’t need to have cufflinks, but it has to have a hard collar. I prefer fitted clothes; I don’t like clothes to hang about me.

See the article here.

…ON A FESTIVE NOTE, Честита Баба Марта!

Честита Баба Марта!! // Chestita Baba Marta!!

Immigrant anthems for GLOBAL CITIZENS! Chico Selekta returns alongside the notorious Raphlexcito, spinning chalga, bhangra, Russian festive, Ex-Yugoslavian anthems, and filthy cumbia all night!

Live music by Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Gypsy Music precedes our festive chaotic dance party from 10PM – 12AM.

♪ $5 rakia Shots all night!
♪ Hookah, Bulgarian food!

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…Life is short, wine is cheap, and history repeats itself.



Something is wrong in Russia


“The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. We just delivered your 300,000 signatures demanding an end to Russia’s “gay gag rule” to Russian embassies in 8 cities around the world! All Out members like you talked with embassy staff, delivered giant “postcards,” and got major coverage in international media1.

But it’s not over yet. As we expected, lawmakers in St. Petersburg just voted to pass the catastrophic bill that would impose fines of up to $16,700 for “offenses” like organizing a local pride parade or a student Gay-Straight Alliance. The Governor now has just 14 days to reject the law – enough time for a final, critical push.

During our global flashmobs yesterday, we made a video highlighting just how absurd this law is – and we paired it with the music of Russia’s own iconic, revered (and gay) composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. We stayed up all night, but it was worth it! It cuts straight to the heart of why we’re speaking out and will inspire others do the same … if we get it out there. 

Will you take a minute to watch this video, and share with your friends, family and colleagues? We want to get 100,000 views in the next two weeks – the timeline for the Governor to veto this shameful bill.”





“Tweet it, reblog it, post it to your wall, put it on your blog – if each one of us takes one minute to share this far and wide, the Governor and other decisionmakers in Russia will have to think twice about the damage this law could do to their city’s reputation. Check it out here.

We cannot stand by while our friends in Russia are pushed underground or their speech is criminalized. If the Governor signs the bill into law, simply writing a book with a gay character, mentioning LGBT rights on air, or even holding hands with your partner could be considered illegal “propaganda” in Russia’s second largest city.

The conservative lawmakers who advanced the bill think St. Petersburg’s governor will ratify it despite an international uproar. But Governor Poltavchenko can’t ignore the fact that Saint Petersburg is Russia’s #1 tourist destination – or that tens of thousands have already publicly pledged not to travel there as tourists if this backward law is signed. If we can get more people to watch this video – hundreds of thousands – then the Governor and his advisors will soon realize they have a PR disaster on their hands.

Please, watch this video and share the message now. To Russia, with love:

Alberto, Andre, Erika, Flavia, Guillaume, Jasmin, Jeremy, Joseph, Oli, Tile and Wesley”


Our friend Walter Sebastian Adler is part of an amazing effort to continue relief and aid in Haiti, and his group of EMTs, paramedics, and volunteers are raising money to be in Haiti in April to continue their incredible work (donate at this link!). You can visit the Alliance 01 website for more info, watch some eye opening videos and learn what you can do to contribute. A message from Walter is below:

Hey friends, I am attempting to raise $700.00 to cover my ticket and travel expenses for my next rotation in Port Au Prince. Ideally I would like to be in Haiti from April 5th until April 15th to participate in the EMPACT Northwest- Ayiyitian Rezo Medikal EMS training of their second class and assist GAI as a field training officer. The website you can check out is The website of our ally is Contributions of any size are appreciated. Help sponsor a rescuer for Haiti’s raining season and help support the effort to bring real EMS to Haiti. CLICK TO DONATE.



If you’re in the NYC area, attend general meetings for more info on their efforts. LOCATION: 117 East 15th street. TIME: Wednesdays at 7 and Sundays at 8.


Thanks for reading!