Kissmet: A Storm In The Rainforest

UK-based trans-global band Kissmet is tearing up the word music scene right now, and they sent us a video of one of their recent epic performances in Malaysia at Rainforest World Music Fest. We thought we would share some of their media and some info about them in case you’ve never experienced their psychedelic rock x Bhangra vibe.

kissmet live

“Kissmet has taken traditional Bhangra music from the fields of India and fused it seamlessly with Rock (Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream). The result is a pulsating, exciting rollercoaster ride of positive energy from the East to the West and back again.

Kissmet creates a fantastic, interactive experience where the band interacts with, engages with and involves the audience, uniting them and taking them on a wonderful journey from the East to the West and back again. What Kissmet does cannot be replicated by any other artist so you would have a highly exclusive event that would be the perfect addition to your festival, something your audience will remember for years to come.”

Kissmet in the Rainforest, Part 1
Kissmet in the Rainforest, Part 2
Kissmet all around the world

If you’re interested in contacting them for a booking, see info below:

Contact: Ron Singh
+44 7931 325838 (UK)
Skype name: Kissmetband

Check them out on FB here:

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