Vice Guide To The Balkans… Inside Ex-Yugoslavia

Vice posted up their Guide to the Balkans (in 5 parts), which is basically an American dude and his team traveling through former-Yugoslavia, talking to different groups about nationalism, history, and violence. They encounter young Albanians in Kosovo, elderly Serbians clinging festively to the reign of Tito, Roma children with severe lead poisoning, and a guy named Elvis who turns a car into a “fog machine.” Check out our synopsis-by-the-episode over the next couple of days (and obviously, watch the videos).

Vice Guide To The Balkans, Part 1 (click to watch)

Episode 1 covers a brief, broad history of Yugoslavia, once united by one Josip Marshal Tito Broz (easily the most affectionately thought-of communist leader for his strides to help the working class citizens). Upon his death, Yugoslavia broke into fractions, starting with Slovenia, Macedonia, and Croatia (ending with 9 conflicting territories and a displaced Serbian president).

“We went to the Balkans to find out whether Yugoslavians are just like you-and-me-goslavians.”

The opening montage? Rakia shots getting slung back, kids pushing a car, old women dancing, barns on the hillside, women with fake tits, and our host pissing from an overpass onto the streets below, all set to a classic, pounding Bregovic anthem.

The host and his crew set off in a crappy car with a floppy fuel gauge and broken seat belts. They arrive in Yugoland, an attraction that celebrates the glory of former-Yugoslavia in its hey-day. They chat with its founder, Blasko Gabric, who has a lot to share (including his theory that America has tornadoes because God is really pissed off at Americans). Tito’s grandson also makes an appearance, with a cast of elderly Serbians who are keeping Yugoslavia alive in their hearts.

Vice Guide To The Balkans, Part 1  (click to watch)

Vice Guide To The Balkans, Part 2—5 are coming up. Stay tuned.

P.S. Raphlex is DJing Mehanata’s main floor tonight in place of UPROOT ANDY. Come get served by the prince of Peru!

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