CARAJO at Cantina… Spicy Nights and Tequila dreams

Wednesdays will be CARAJO at Cantina !  Julio of Cantina Royal (the best Mexican food in this part of town) will be joining forces of victory with our BURDEL DALI every Wednesday.

We also are the unofficial official after party of Cine Gazpacho which always brings awesome cult movies from Spain and a delightful Gazpacho for free!

As always Mishto and I will play a mescal mix of tropical gypsy music, a selection of Latin songs, good rock and other gems from our repertoire.

So come enjoy the amazing Mexican menu Julio has… and water it down with the 3 dollars Tecate specials while listening to the good vibes.

Hope to see you all.
A hug.
DJ Raphlex … aka Raffy!

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