Natalia Bonanese Makes Burdel Dali Debut! & DJ Mishto Returns, & Happy Birthday to Lennon Olivia, Sarita Caye, & Alice!

Tomorrow night (Thursday), Italian gypsy fusion dancer Natalia Bonanese makes her debut at Mehanata via EL BURDEL! We’re super excited to welcome her to our floor after Yuri Yunakov performs… Watch her in action & read about her below…

natalia bonanese gypsy fusion mehanata bulgarian bar burdel dali presents

Thursday night, rain or moonshine… Catch the beautiful Italian Gypsy fusion dancer Natalia Bonanese before Yuri Yunakov & then we’re celebrating the RETURN OF DJ MISHTO! Also, the birthdays of our beautiful bitches ALICE, SARAH CAYE & LENNON! ♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫


RAPHLEX & MISHTO have your chalga sex bombs, bhangra beats, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, and cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion all night long…

$5 rakia Shots all night! Hookah, full Bulgarian food menu! Live music by Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Gypsy Music precedes our festive chaotic dance party from 10PM – 12AM. RSVP HERE!

♣ Meet Natalia, Gypsy fusion dancer from Italy ♣ 

“The name of my project is “Officina est!”. “Officina est!” is study of oriental tecnique on gypsy and klezmer music, between tradition and innovation. will be explained traditional gypsy steps to from traditional gypsy step to develop then in new contemporary vision; a fusion of the earthly power of the Roma culture and the dynamic energy of Western dance.

My dance formation is marked by numerous travel in est europe where I took direct contact with gypsy community and his musical and dance culture and collaborations with live musicians; this is the most important aspect of my activities.
I dance with great musicians like Municipale Balcanica and Rom e Gagè (the best gypsy musicians in Italy.musicians of Moni Ovadia), Marian Serban, Ibrahim Maalouf, Rocco De Rosa, and others….

I teach in in one of the best schools of oriental dance in Italy: Sanlò, and “Officina est!” have been like guest in Gypsy Dance Fest of Madrid and new talent’s stage of Bellyfusions in Paris.”

See her Thursday night at Mehanata!

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