Mexitanos (Mexican-Gypsies) by Valentina Siniego

Mexitanos is a photo documentary about Mexican-gypsies in the lens of Valentina Siniego. The Burdel will be attending this already interesting art show today at La Esquina. For more information please take a look of the flyer…. Apparently it will be follow by a dance party. 6-9pm + Beyond.

Burdel Dali T-shirts making a comeback this summer…

Bon Bon Killa rocks her Burdel Dali tank top—she’ll also be making a guest DJ appearance at Burdel Dali this Thursday night, at our third moustacho party (means come with a moustacho or Mishka’s gonna paint one on ya). OPA!

amelia bon bon killa burdel dali presents mehanata

amelia bon bon killa burdel dali presents mehanata

More info on this week’s party below…

burdel dali moustacho party mehanata nyc

MOUSTACHO NIGHT HAS RETURNED! ♪ ♫ Bust out your painted-on, tattooed, paper, plastic, or authentic moustacho’s for a night of groomed, classy-looking debauchery at BURDEL DALI!


Mishka will be roaming the dance floor painting any/all who dare show up un-adorned, so be prepared!


RAPHLEX & BON BON KILLA have your chalga, bhangra, Russian festive, Bregovic anthems, Hungarian lullabies, cumbia over-dose! The formidable Atari-Conga crew have your super-sexy Do-It-Yourself turbo-tropical percussion!

$5 rakia Shots all night!
Hookah, full Bulgarian food menu!

Live music by Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Gypsy Music precedes our festive chaotic dance party from 10PM – 12AM.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

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…Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.

The Kandake Tribal & Experimental Belly Dance Tribe New Website

We just want to put the word out—the Kandake, great friends of ours and gorgeous performers who we’ve shared many a festive dance floor with in the past, have their new website up and listings of upcoming shows. We can’t wait to work with them again!



The Kandake is a new dance-theatre collective that combines social activism and philanthropy with folkloric, modern, theatrical and experimental movement. 

The original Kandake were the queens of ancient Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Egypt who were the political, military, and spiritual leaders of their societies. 

The women of The Kandake aim to continue the legacy of their predecessors by being catalysts for social change, priestesses of a higher purpose, and field marshals ushering in a better world. Thus, a percentage of every Kandake-run show is donated to a humanitarian cause.

Interaction with the audience and storytelling is characteristic of our work. While some of what we do may be disturbing, absurdist, graphic, or “dark” our purpose is to rupture comfort zones, wake the unconscious, and inspire critical thinking. Just don’t fall into the habit of trying to find “meaning” in every show–sometimes we just want to dance!

If you are interested in booking The Kandake please contact us at

Check out their website and their facebook!

Nearly 14,000 views on the 2010 Promo video!

We don’t know how, but we’re psyched to report that our 2010 promo video has 13,982 views! Thanks! Keep an eye out for our 2011 video this summer, featuring all of you freaking the f✖ck out on the dance floor every week! We love you!