A Shout Out on Foursquare!

We love when people know what’s up. Daniela on Foursquare knows what’s up. She says,

Go on a Thursday night–not too packed + no cover! Great music (always!) & vibe. Vodka Apple Cider is awesome. Fav dancing spot hands down!”


Our Homeboys Stumblebum Brass Band CD Release!

Late nights at Mehanata mean after hours brass, percussion, and accordion jam sessions and very often that means the Stumblebum brass band will roll through to express…how they feel about Lady Gaga. They just released their CD, Fuck You Lady Gaga on itunes and CD Baby. Check them out, they get the blood pumping!

Check out these crazy brass maestros from the LES on da Tweetter, Facebook and MySpace. xx

Malchik hochet v Tambov…! ♪ ♫

We have a serious headache after last night’s party, but that’s partially a good thing. Courtesy of Natalita we bring you a Russian version of a classic Portuguese jam, straight from the Russian Amazon—it’s followed up be the  original. Unfortunately Murat Ismailovich Nasyrov threw himself off a balcony and ended his life in 2007. We will drink to him tonight… Enjoy!

The original–