We’re here with a lineup of rad events to tell you about this weekend–first up, our pre-Halloween Soviet Costume Party this Thursday!

burdel dali presents mehanata bulgarian bar raphlex dj mishto mishka balkan gypsy punk dance party flier

Come full force on Thursday in your most severe soviet military garb for a pre-Halloween dress-up throw down! Any and all clothing and accessories to set the militant mood (minus firearms) are game. You have two days to run to Brighton Beach and buy yourself some hammer and sickle badges…

Raphlex & Mishto have your non-stop immigrant anthems with an extra dose of Russian festive while Chico Cristo & Crispeto spit out rhythms on the congas… TRY YOUR HAND AT TRANS-GLOBAL COMMUNAL INSANITY!

$5 RAKIA SHOTS ALL NIGHT, $2 WINE BEFORE 10PM, THE ICE CAGE VODKA DRINKING ROOM IS OPEN (obviously). ♪ ♫ FREE ADMISSION to BURDEL DALI on our list… RSVP: burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com

RSVP at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136411009742936

☭ ★ ☆☭ ★ ☆☭ ★ ☆☭

And don’t miss our CRAZY HALLOWEEN PARTY ON SUNDAY! Featuring Raphlex, Mishto, Mishka, DJ WHO AM I, Chico Selekta, Escarioka, and the beautiful ladies of Bastet Belly Dance…

mehanata halloween burdel dali presents dj mishto raphlex mishka escarioka october 2010 bastet belly dance dj who am i




Same old, Same old, Crazed as Ever

We love when people honor our requirement for festive dress code. We used to threaten in our weekly invites that Mishka would throw you down the stairs if you didn’t heed the festive and/or soviet costume guidelines, but then when she actually tried to throw someone down the stairs, we had to take it less seriously.

But you guys know what’s up.

Also, Happy Birthday Cat!




This week, represented by our beautiful Frenchie, the burdel gets tropical & exotic-o!

burdel dali presents balkan party dj mishto raphlex mishka mehanata new york gypsy punk

[Burdel Dali Presents] Trans-Global Balkano Tropical Exotica Dance Party!

No matter how you slice it, there’s only one place to get yer balkan riddimz Thursday night — non-stop, unrestricted, uncensored, drunken, festive immigrant anthems!!

DJ Mishto & Raphlex are on the way with bags and bags of audio gems slung on their backs to keep you dancing to the point of medical emergencies… Chico Cristo & Crispeto bring the tropical demential percussion and cowbells for the ride of a lifetime…

Vintage Yugoslavian, bubblegum chalga, dirty cumbia, high-decor bhangra, inebriated polka, electro-Arabic love songs… GYPSY PUNK!!


♪ ♫ FREE ADMISSION to BURDEL DALI on our list…
RSVP: burdel.dali.presents@gmail.com




Photography by BURDELDALI.COM
Hosted by Mishka…

Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself!

Rubin Museum meets BURDEL DALI!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our party at the Rubin Museum. It was pretty low key compared to the usual romp at Mehanata, but we had a great time and it was a huge honor. Special thanks to Fay for being so awesome and inviting us in the first place.

Georgie’s mom (second from the right) flew in from Romania and saw what her mischievous son has been up to…

Even Blacky of Disko Balkan was there to support the burdel !

Mishka got to hit a gong and periodically read off some stuff that people were too busy fraternizing to really pay attention to. But gong-hitting is always fun.

Fxck yeah!

Until next time!



It is wise not to ask for the reason behind the name of this post. But creative rumination over the origin is encouraged.

And here’s a typical off-night at the bar. Obviously still more fun than anything else on a Sunday night.

The ICE CAGE is undergoing renovations… wait until you see the sexy upgrades it has in store.

Until next time, from the Burdel Dali family!!


Getting ready for the Rubin Museum :Dalaras Bregovic Zorbas Red Army Choir

We have been gathering old classic Russian music and great amazing Greek songs, among our always beloved ex yugo anthems for this friday at the Rubin Museum.

Come join us at the K2 lounge from 6 to 10 pm for the opening party of the Icon Conference–”Embodying the Holy: Icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism”.

Here some songs we will be spinning : from Giorgos Dalaras, Lazopoulos and Giannis Parios to russian Старые песни о главном часть and Goran Bregovic. see you there.