Bright eyed and bushy tailed…

Another week, another story to tell the grandkids…

 burdel dali presents mehanata bulgarian bar raphlex dj mishto mishka chico cristo crispeto escarioka lower east side gypsy punk

Lights, cameras, rakia, chalga, cumbia, battle cries, flower leis, bathroom lays, and everything in between – the burdel is open for business this Thursday at Mehanata… Immigant anthems by DJ Mishto & Raphlex, sick sexy percussion by Chico Cristo & Crispeto. Ask nicely and you can play their drums.

Come see what all the fuss is about. You’ll never be the same! $2 WINE BEFORE 10PM, $5 RAKIA SHOTS ALL NIGHT. ASTIKA IS BACK!

★ FREE ADMISSION on our list…




Photography by BURDELDALI.COM
Hosted by Mishka – FESTIVE DRESSCODE.

Wine is cheap, life is short, and history repeats itself.

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