Reporting from the Front Line…

Gypsy Camp had its kinks (a lot of them…) but we made it through and had a blast. Dancers prancing around fires, men getting arrested right out of the ocean water, helicopters buzzing above, bouzouki notes soaring, glasses tipping, world cup fans freaking the f*ck out around the big screen, and of course, fantastic weather.

Zooey England flew into town to help us prep with  parties, paint, and general bohemian street cred.

The night before camp we had our [Burdel Dali Presents] Gypsy Camp Pre-party, full of beautiful people and their beautiful dance moves.

We set off for Camp, ready for anything!

Stage building, falling into holes, anti-climaxes, and what-have-you…

After day-one and camp set-up, we drove back to the lower east side to party!

Day two of camp was hoppin’! Eight bands & performers canceled on us at the last second, but everyone still kept the music and the movement alive.

Of course it was world cup, so there was a lot of soccer enthusiasm going on.

Bastet Belly Dance Troupe and Anna Leah led a workshop in the grass in addition to stellar performances (sharpened daggers and swords included), with the help of live music played by campers…

Unfortunately, with the focus on food, bands/dancers (many of whom bailed out), disco balls, and other exciting things, the most important element of “Gypsy” was lost this time around. While the entertainment aspect of the Camp did suffer, people had a great time… but no one walked away from this mini-fest with a better understanding of Gypsy culture.

For the Tabor fest in August, an enormous emphasis will be placed on Gypsy culture, the Roma human rights movements, Gypsy folk music and dance, etc. The criticisms aimed at this event have been heard loud and clear.  Burdel Dali will continue to represent and support the movement and focus our efforts on this fantastic opportunity to bring people together through song and dance!

See you at TABOR in August! xx

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