God Bless the French

Les Touffes Krétiennes! Self proclaimed “happily crazy and impertinently groovy” brass band from France took up half the room when they took the stage last weekend. They gave us CDs, hats, and after-hours life advice. But mostly it was their live set that blew us away. Visit them online.

Photos by Tchaikovsky Darling.

One thought on “God Bless the French

  1. I ralely do think that Combination Pizza Hut, Taco Bell is a serious commentary on mindless consumerism and blah-blah-blah. Also apparently you guys are here to stay with that new album you’ve dropped. I mean, if PITCHFORK says so — then why the fuck not, right?I have a proposition, I’m half salvi- half afghani (not like the rug, like the peoples) and I’m down to join your group. I can’t rap. I can’t do anything besides hate on people, let me know if this sounds like a good deal to you.I’m not joking either, I seriously speak spanish and even some farsi and I’ve got papers (not to roll with, like to work with).Email me.

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