The Frank London Orchestra at Mehanata

Photos from The Frank London Orchestra‘s Super-Extravagant Post-Klezkamp Year’s-End Ethno-World Funky Funky Brass Band Blowout and Jam Session on December 30th. It’s hard to tell where the band ends and the blissed-out patrons begin… Click for high-res!

Photos by nightlifebaby.

We just caught wind of our buddy’s, the Kreptatka Bar Band, victorious return to Mehanata. It’s happening January 31st at 8:30PM so come early – click to rsvp. These boys made the gypsy festival a beautiful memory for us and we can’t wait to jump all over them – EN VIVO!!!

Also, check out fellow Mehanata resident DJ and all around stellar guy Uproot Andy in this issue of xlr8r music magazine.

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