[Burdel Dali Presents] The Post-Fashion Week Party!

This Thursday: BURDEL DALI OFFICIAL POST-FASHION WEEK PARTY! Whether or not you celebrate the twice-per-year manic unveiling of New York’s resident fashion scene… come get drunk and fight over whether or not Rodarte was inspired by gypsy-nomads!

Raphlex & DJ Mishto will be dressed to the nines, slicing up some crazy Balkan beats, post-revolution electro, and immigrant anthems…

Hosted by Michelle Tchaikovsky Darling: Dress code enforced via staircase brutality. Dress like a high fashion gypsy or face the wrath of the burdel.

Cheap wine, hookah, & history in the making. Live performance by gypsy punk band Bella’s Bartok at 9:00PM…

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