[Burdel Dali Presents] The Post-Fashion Week Party!

This Thursday: BURDEL DALI OFFICIAL POST-FASHION WEEK PARTY! Whether or not you celebrate the twice-per-year manic unveiling of New York’s resident fashion scene… come get drunk and fight over whether or not Rodarte was inspired by gypsy-nomads!

Raphlex & DJ Mishto will be dressed to the nines, slicing up some crazy Balkan beats, post-revolution electro, and immigrant anthems…

Hosted by Michelle Tchaikovsky Darling: Dress code enforced via staircase brutality. Dress like a high fashion gypsy or face the wrath of the burdel.

Cheap wine, hookah, & history in the making. Live performance by gypsy punk band Bella’s Bartok at 9:00PM…

Burdel Dali does GYPSY TABOR!

September 11 – 13th was a weekend of live music, chaos and fire-dancing, falling fences, mosquitoes, homemade rakia, long skirts, thin-walled tents, witch-trees, glass-drinking, and cultural appreciation.

It was worth the three hour journey of various vehicles, with dollar store pit-stops for plastic belts and lighter fluid, to finally have our terrified cab driver pull into the lot at Floyd Bennett Field. The New York Gypsy Tabor Festival was definitely a weekend we won’t forget (because…we took photos). Thanks Sasho!!

“Morning” & “Breakfast”…

See you next year at the Gypsy Tabor…!

[Burdel Dali Presents] Unofficial Shantel “Planet Paprika” CD Release Party!!

[Burdel Dali Presents] risks a run-in with the law to bring you the UNOFFICIAL RECORD RELEASE PARTY of Shantel’s new album PLANET PAPRIKA… ★

Raphlex & Mishto are sure to cause the usual damage with provocative Eastern European anthems & Bar Mitzvah remixes – the only dance floor in town offering Yelle and Verka Serduchka in the same hour.

Cheap wine, hookah, & history in the making: Wear purple, stripes, or something see-through! Dress code violently enforced by host Michelle Christina.

Live performance by gypsy jazz band Franglais before shit hits the fan.

This is an UNOFFICIAL PARTY, we are not associated or affiliated or best buddies with Shantel in any way, even though we did send him a friendly email asking him to come for a drink. Unfortunately he had a previous engagement on the world stage.